Boston’s child poverty rate is growing.

We help children stay focused on their education by giving them free, unlimited access to clothing and toiletries, right within their school.

Feeling good, they find the confidence to persevere and fight for a brighter future.


About Catie’s Closet Boston:

Catie's Closet Boston distribution center

In February we opened a distribution center in Roxbury, Massachusetts, dedicated to serving Boston’s 55,000 students.

Stocked with gently used clothing children K-12 are proud to wear, toiletries, shoes, outerwear and more; Catie’s Closet supports students living below the poverty line within their school. The goal: Giving kids clothes, gives them confidence. In turn, these children focus on bettering their lives and focus on their education.

With this new expansion, Catie’s Closet is equipped to open in every Boston school. 125 in total. In order to meet our goals, we need the help of local volunteers, businesses and citizens. Clothing and toiletry donations and monetary donations keep our non-profit going. Spread the word about Catie’s Closet and give where you can to empower Boston youth.


Here’s a snapshot of a Catie’s Closet in a local school. We create an experience that makes children feel supported, loved and important. Our closets feel like a store, stocked with age-appropriate on-trend clothing kids are proud to wear.


Find us! Volunteer with us! Drop off your clothing!

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