Catie's Closet Opening a door to a brighter future

Catie’s Closet is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides clothes, toiletries, and other basic essentials to students living in poverty right within their schools. We set up free stores in schools, giving children direct access to everything they need to attend class confidently. 

How we began

In 2009, we learned just how much students in our hometown were struggling to attend school because they lacked clothing and basic necessities. In 2010, we took action and opened our first closet to give local students living in poverty a fighting chance. Today, we operate closets in 120 schools and serve more than 80,000 students daily.

The Catie’s Closet Team

Catie’s Closet has evolved from a family-sponsored project into a social enterprise. Meet the team that makes it all possible.


Out of every dollar we raise, $0.95 goes directly to programming.


Together, we are making a difference.

News from Catie’s Closet