Catie's Closet provides 25,000+ students, grade pre-k through 12, in-school access to the basics that they need to succeed in school. And we mean everyday items that most of us take for granted like clean socks, shampoo and a pair of durable, comfortable, fashionable jeans. When a student has these essentials, they are able to stop worrying about how they look and start focusing on school.

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Today we ask you to join our Jean Jackpot! Our goal is to collect 5,000 pairs of jeans to support the thousands of students we encourage everyday; and we have until July 31 to make this happen!

5,000 jeans is A LOT of jeans, right? Well, through the power of social media, it can be as simple as sharing our mission with three of your friends.


DID YOU GET TAGGED? Follow the three steps below, TAG YOUR FRIENDS & help us reach our goal of hitting the Jean Jackpot!

“Hi! My name is _________ and I’m taking part in Catie’s Closet’s Jean Jackpot! Catie’s Closet provides an in-school resource of clothing and toiletries to students living below the poverty line. I’m doing my part to help the 25,000 students Catie’s Closet serves by donating __________ (JEANS OR $25)... but I can’t help these students alone! Today, I’m tagging (PERSON A), (PERSON B) and (PERSON C) to join me in helping these students succeed in school. Will you make a $25 donation or give the gift of denim? TAG! YOU'RE IT! You have 48 hours to act!”

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. How do I donate my jeans?  
Our distribution center is in Dracut, MA so you can drop off your jeans here. We understand our headquarters may not be convenient for some so we are offering you the ability to mail your jeans directly to us! Click on the "MAIL MY JEANS" button to request your pre-paid mailing label!

2. What kinds of jeans are you looking for?  
We support male and female students from grade pre-k to grade 12. Youth sizes 4 to 20, teen girls 0 to 22 and mens 29 to 44 will work! Please ensure that the jeans that you're donating have limited wear, are appropriate for in-school use and are fashionably suitable for youth and/or teenagers.

3. How do I make my monetary donation? 
Make your $25 donation (or more!) by clicking here or on the big yellow box at the top of the page. 

4. What if I don't have jeans to donate?  
Why not become a jean ambassador? Reach out to you friends, family and neighbors and ask them for a pair of jeans. Or better yet, be bold and host a jean drive. How many jeans can you collect?

5. How do you expect to collect 5,000 pairs of jeans? That's crazy!
Through the power of social media, anything is possible. When you tag three friends (3), your three friends will tag three more friends (9), then they'll each tag three more friends (27), they'll each tag three more friends (81), then they'll each tag three more friends (243) and then those friends will tag three more friends (729). Before you know it, thousands of people will be donating jeans... and it all started with YOU!


6. What if I want to get more involved?
We're happy you asked! The Jean Jackpot doesn't have to be an individual effort. Make a bigger impact by getting your office, school, little league team, church or other organization involved in our efforts. Contact us today by clicking below and we will provide you with a customized flyer to let everyone know exactly what we need.

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