The Students

“I went to Catie’s Closet with my teacher. I will be honest. At first I didn’t like the idea because I was scared of what people would say.  But the people in there were a great help and very supportive.  I got a lot of new clothes. It made my day and my Christmas.”

“Because of Catie’s Closet I had nice clothes for the dance and got to go with two of my friends (who also got clothes from the Closet)! The dance was a memory of a lifetime.”

“I just wanted to say thank you and if there`s anything I can help with toward the organization I will be glad to help you guys. After all, you guys helped me at my lowest point in life when I most needed it. Thank you once again.”

The Teachers

"I want to personally THANK YOU for the two pairs of basketball sneakers you provided us for two of our 9th-grade students. They sooooo appreciate it. They are both trying out for the 9th-grade basketball team and their eyes lit up when I gave them the sneakers.  Thank you so very much.  ...PS: Both were perfect fits."

“You have outdone yourself!  Thank you for all the wonderful things for [his] family.  I wish you could have seen his face.  He thinks today is Christmas! Thank you again.”

"I had difficultly putting into words the sheer joy on their faces as they opened up the bags.  They were so incredibly grateful.  It was really great to see and I could tell they were going to treasure the clothing as the family only had one or two sets of clothing each."

“What I love most about Catie’s Closet is that ALL the students know that this Closet is for everyone. No student appears to be embarrassed to request an item.”

“Some students arrive in our halls and classrooms solely because of Catie’s Closet. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Students have come to me first thing in the morning (long before classes begin) asking to visit Catie’s Closet (smelling of the street) and return looking fresh, and visibly changed in their posture. I am certain that they may not have arrived if Catie’s Closet was not available to them.”

“One of my students will have a better night, week, and Christmas because of Catie’s Closet. She actually said ‘I am walking on air, seriously Ms. K, I cannot stop smiling.’ After this morning, I want every student in need to have the same experience that she did.”

"Catie’s Closet is a great resource and I hope more students will be encouraged to take advantage of it.”

“Catie’s Closet is a HUGE asset to Lowell High School. In fact, it pains me to think what might NOT happen with these students who avail themselves of Catie’s Closet. One student, who has been homeless for over one year, has recently been inducted into the Honor Society. He outfitted himself in items from Catie’s Closet to attend the ceremony: shirt, tie, jacket, pants, shoes and socks. Would he have shown up for that ceremony with Catie’s Closet? No.”

“Having a partnership with Catie’s Closet means the world to me. It means that students can be in school and feel confident. They can have 'like- new' or new clothing and feel 'normal.' I have been able to avoid MANY issues, including suspensions, detentions, issues with parents, etc.— because students were able to get the appropriate clothing they needed."

"Thank you was again for the new jacket and the jeans. He was so excited just to have new clothes and an awesome jacket. You make me look like a miracle worker getting these clothes so fast. Believe me I give you and Catie's Closet full credit. Thanks again for making one little boy so happy this morning."