Make a Lasting Impact

We have a long waiting list of new schools requesting the “Catie’s Closet Program”. The good news is that once a school closet is installed, it remains in place for the life of the school. This means the closet will serve thousands of students year after year. Not only is this a great investment for our students but can also be a lasting legacy for you. Each company, organization or individual who sponsors a new school will feature a plaque in the closet showcasing your generosity.

Once the closet is installed, we need to sustain it. Our School Success Sponsorship opportunities make that possible. By becoming a School Success Sponsor you ensure the school receives all the new supplies needed to round out community donations for an entire year.

The investment you make in a new closet, funds the building and construction costs including paint, prep, shelving, hangers as well as the initial inventory. Your annual sponsorship of a closet covers the cost of purchasing new full size toiletries, undergarments, shoes and coats that our closets are regularly stocked with, as well as additional product we do might not receive in donations.

Investment Impact
$25,000 Sponsor a PK-8 School Closet
$50,000 Sponsor a High School Closet

Big change is possible one closet at a time.

Catie’s Closet opens free stores in schools where 50% or more of the students are living below the poverty line. Children PreK – 12 are given access to the closet by a trusted school administrator. They shop for clothes, toiletries, underwear, socks, seasonal outwear, and more. Our goal is to empower children to show up and shine every day. With their basic needs met, they can focus on their education, achieve their dreams, and break the cycle of poverty.

Are you interested in funding a Catie’s Closet?

We’d love to talk to you. Reach out so we can set up a time to talk.