Ready to get involved? Follow the simple steps below!

1. Nominate your community.

Do you like to make a difference in the lives of others? Here's your chance to empower your friends, family and neighbors to provide children in-need with an unforgettable start to school. It all starts by nominating your community by clicking on the box below. We will contact you to discuss the event and approve your location.

2. Let the donations flow.  

Rally your friends, family and neighbors to gather their lightly-used clothing or donate new shoes and full size toiletries. Let everyone know the dates of your community event through your custom flyer. Ask them to collect and store their donated items until the day of your event- the day of the community Bus Stops!


3. Make it an event!

We'd love to work with you on how widespread your community event will be. Are you thinking big or are you thinking small? You can make it a neighborhood event, a little league event, or even a city-wide event! Whatever you choose, we will customize a flyer for you and discuss all the details. Just choose a time frame between July 17th and August 17th to complete your drive. We can promote your community event on our social media to support you! 

Resources for Communities

• Our Logos - click to download the Catie's Closet and Fill the Bus logo .

• Complete a Wardrobe - Want to make an even bigger impact?  Help us fill our own eBus- or start your own eBus campaign! Encourage family and friends to take part!