A child in your community is in need.

We are coming into the most challenging time of year for our students. The need for warmer clothes is expected to be at an all-time high, winter school breaks mean children and teens will be without access to our closets, and we’re preparing for the demands of next year.

In this moment, every community has a family struggling to meet their children’s most basic and essential needs.

As the cold weather and long winter months quickly approach us, we need your help to ensure kids in our local area have everything they need to stay warm, safe, and comfortable so they can attend school confidently.

Help a child in need with our Giving Opportunities:

Corporate Support & Employee Engagement Opportunities

Our corporate partners enable us to grant thousands of children access to clothing and basic necessities they wouldn’t otherwise have with the opening of new Closets and funding of specific gaps in our inventory to ensure all of our Closets are stocked with the most urgently needed items.

Every option described in this packet is completely customizable to your company’s goals, values, and promises to the communities you serve. Our team is available to answer any questions, discuss all partnership opportunities, and ensure your role in the mission of Catie’s Closet creates long-lasting change in the lives of our students.

See corporate engagement opportunities

No matter what your interests, values, and ways you wish to give back may be, there’s an option for you to make a difference.

Email us, let’s talk!