A child in your community needs your help today.
You can make a life-changing difference.

The number of children enduring poverty, homelessness, and debilitating feelings of loneliness and isolation is getting higher every week.

We see this as we confront an unprecedented demand for support from our social service agency partners and our school partners to help provide students with much-needed relief.

On any given day, we receive as many as 100 urgent requests asking for essential clothing and other necessities to help meet the most basic needs of children.

Please make a donation today.

Each week thousands of children visit our closets in search of warm clothing. We can’t keep up with the demand.

This influx of orders completely depleted our SOS Urgent Response Program fund and inventory. As children turn to us for support, we stare at empty shelves knowing we have no choice but to decline many orders until items become available. In fact, we recently had to turn off our SOS Urgent Response Program portal to halt the intake of new orders.

Additionally, our 130 in-school closets are receiving 50% more visits compared to this time last year.

Please make a donation today.

Help a child in need with our Giving Opportunities:

No matter what your interests, values, and ways you wish to give back may be, there’s an option for you to make a difference.