This month, fashion week is celebrated around the globe. New York. Milan. Paris. Boston.

For 2018 fashion week, Catie’s Closet is committed to educating communities and influencers on just what fashion means to kids living in poverty. Access to like-new fashion gives a child confidence to move mountains.

Let’s move more mountains together. Are you in?



Fashion comforts. Expresses our feelings. Makes us feel powerful. Fashion is for everyone - every shape, size, color, age and economic status.

We've teamed up with Boston Fashion Week to educate the community on just how important fashion is to impoverished local youth.

Giving kids access to like-new fashion creates positivity and inclusivity within their school. We're raising awareness and asking local influencers in our community to take action and to be a part of our powerful solution. 

Are you someone with influence in your community or business that wants to help spread the word about what we do?

We're looking for leaders to help us:

  • Adopt & support a school for the 2018/2019 school year

  • Become a Catie's Closet hero with your annual gift

  • Make an in-kind donation of new clothing and new basic necessities

  • Sign up your company or business to sponsor our annual gala

  • Host a drive

  • Host an educational influencer event

  • And more!!

Let's start a conversation and combine our passion to help more children in need!


As you turn over your fashion for the fall season, consider donating your clothing to Catie’s Closet and helping disadvantaged youth increase their confidence.

Today, you can find Catie's Closet in 63 schools across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We give kids confidence daily with free access to like-new clothing they're proud to wear. We need the help of local influencers to spread the word about our mission, host drives and donate their gently used clothing to help us improve the lives of more children and in-turn, create healthier, thriving communities.


Giving kids discreet access, to in-style clothing, free of charge gives them the power to improve their self-esteem, and in-turn, focus on their education. 


"Catie's Closet makes me feel beautiful!" - Arianna, 10 years old.

Before Catie's Closet, Arianna wore tattered boy's clothes in shades of grey and brown to school. Her shoes were bound together with electrical tape. Given free access to Catie's Closet within her school, she selected colorful clothing that brought a smile to her face instantly!


"Catie's Closet makes me feel ready for anything!" - Patrick, 8 years old.

Patrick was the victim of bulling. His clothes were in poor condition, too large and tattered. He feared starting the school year. With the help of Catie's Closet, Patrick picked out a first-day of school outfit that made him feel like an entirely new person. He felt the same as other kids and was excited to start the new school year.

Join Catie’s Closet as we spread the word on what fashion means to kids living in poverty.

YOU can make a difference in your community, TODAY.