We need YOUR help!  Kids all over MA & NH do not have the appropriate clothing and basics they need to attend school. You can help these children by donating your goods at an official drop off location, hosting your own drive, or purchasing a seat on the eBus!


It's so simple to provide children with the things they need for a successful start to school!  A single seat on the eBus, valued at $15 will provide wardrobe of hope for one student. You can purchase two seats for $25 and provide new toiletries for five students.  You can choose your donation amount and see the realtime impact of your contribution.

Click below to claim your seat on the eBus!


You can donate your lightly-used clothing, new socks, new undergarments and full sized toiletries at these following locations:


We need YOUR help!  Kids all over MA & NH do not have the appropriate clothing and basics they need to attend school. Catie’s Closet’s mission is to help kids ages 4-19 – by giving them the clothing and basics they need to confidently walk through their school doors every day, FREE OF CHARGE. These important basics help children secure a brighter future by removing the burden of fitting in and clearing a path to focus on their education.

The need just continues to grow... now that we are helping 34 schools with plans to expand into Boston, we are coordinating a rally to get communities and businesses to open up their hearts, drawers and closets to help kids feel loved, confident and worthy.

Our goal is to load school busses with 25,000 donated items and raise $25,000 through our Fill the eBus campaign!

The best part is that EVERYONE can help us reach this goal! Most of us already have children's and teen clothing that have been outgrown or no longer needed in our wardrobes today!  Rummage through your closets and bag up the items you no longer use. Just think what that pair of jeans can do for a child and how that coat you no longer wear could help a child stay warm this winter. If you don't have young ones at home then a new pair of socks or bottle of shampoo will surely polish the sparkle on any child.

Together we think we can fill enough buses to help 20,000 students start this year of growth off right.

A special thank the following companies for hosting their own Fill the Bus drive: 

This historic event wouldn't be possible without the support of our partners:

Boston Cares is the largest volunteer agency in New England, filling more than 20,000 individual & corporate volunteer spots annually in support of more than 165 Greater Boston schools & non-profit agencies. We believe volunteers transform communities through service and civic engagement. Join us at


Charles River Apparel is a family-owned and operated business that has over thirty years of experience designing superior quality apparel for men, women and children. We constantly strive to foster our internal sense of family, creating sustainable relationships and extending compassion to employees, customers, and the community at large. All awhile, staying true to our foundations in New England heritage and spirit. The result of this mission, is to enable our customers, and all those who wear our products, to reach their fullest potential.


Tonneson + co is Certified Public Accounting and Consulting Firm that provides high quality tax, assurance and advisory services to clients. We provide custom services that address the local, domestic and international needs of our clients. We are connected to our local community and are proud to support Catie's Closet in their efforts.


Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. We opened our doors in 1912 to provide financial stability to immigrants from all over the world. Our goals then were the same as they are now: helping members make smart financial choices.

Our ties to the community have strengthened over the past century. Social responsibility is an integral part of Jeanne D’Arc’s mission and one reason why we are proud supporters of Catie’s Closet.

Information on our history, philosophy of giving back, and our We Share a Common Thread Foundation can be found at We Share A Common Thread


Building Impact makes giving back convenient by bringing volunteer events and donation drives to participants in office and apartment buildings to help them become more civically engaged. Building Impact envisions a day when each person and every company is actively engaged in making their community stronger and healthier. Our mission is to strengthen communities by providing individuals and companies with the knowledge and opportunity to volunteer, donate, and connect in the buildings where they work or live.

Want your company or organization to make an even BIGGER impact?

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Be a company Bus Stop! Your employees will empower thousands of children in MA & NH to stay in school by donating "like new"-clothing and new full size toiletries. 
With your help we can remain true to our mission: helping kids to stay in-school by removing the visible signs of poverty. With access to gently-used clothing and basic necessities, kids no longer worry about fitting-in and focus on their future.
Join forces with your family, neighborhood friends and organizations by nominating your community as a Catie's Closet Bus Stop! By hosting a community drive, you're demonstrating your goodwill and helping your town or city make a difference in the lives of many children.