Ready to make an impact?

It all starts by choosing your sponsorship level. Click on the bus below that best suits your sponsorship wishes.

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How to Help

Your employees can empower thousands of local children by donating used clothing and new toiletries. 

Your employees can empower thousands of local children by donating used clothing and new toiletries. 

We're ready to provide children with an unforgettable first day of school. Are you?  You can help in three easy steps:

Choose a sponsorship level.  

If you're a larger company (50+ employees), we suggest a Big Bus sponsorship and less than 50 employees may consider a Small or Mini Bus sponsorship. Each sponsorship level offers tiered perks.

Let the donations flow.  

Rally your employees to donate their lightly-used clothing and new shoes and new full size toiletries at your location. We'll send you customized flyers and donation boxes so your employees know exactly what to give. Check out "RESOURCES FOR CORPORATE SPONSORS" below for tools and tips for the biggest engagement.

Get ready for the bus.

Collect as many items as possible! If your company is located outside of Boston, we'll arrange a date between August 1st and August 11th to arrive with our big yellow bus and your employees will get to Fill the Bus with their donations! If your company is located in downtown Boston, we'll pick up your donations or you can join us with your donations at our "Boston Bus Stop" in Copley Square on Friday, August 11.

Resources for Corporate Sponsors

  • In-House Flyer - explains who we are and what we're looking for. Once you sign up as an official Fill the Bus sponsor, we'll customize the flyer for you complete with your scheduled drive start and end date, bus pick-up location, your company logo and other important information for your employees..
  • Fill the eBus - Want to make an even bigger impact?  Help us fill our own eBus- or start your own eBus campaign! Encourage family and friends to take part!

Participating in your own company-wide “Fill the Bus” Drive will allow you to:

  • Play an active role in supporting our community
  • Empower your employees to come together & give back
  • Encourage & influence others to make positive changes
  • Develop your social responsibility
  • Receive public recognition for your goodwill
  • Change  the lives of thousands of local children