Making Stops for Kids in Need

August 1st through August 11th

We need YOUR help!  Kids all over MA & NH do not have the appropriate clothing and basics they need to attend school. Catie’s Closet’s mission is to help kids ages 4-19 – by giving them the clothing and basics they need to confidently walk through their school doors every day, FREE OF CHARGE. These important basics help children secure a brighter future by removing the burden of fitting in and clearing a path to focus on their education.

The need just continues to grow... now that we are helping 37 schools, we are coordinating a rally to get communities and businesses to open up their hearts, drawers and closets to help kids feel loved, confident and worthy.


Whether you're an owner or employee of a company, a member of an organization or an individual looking to make a contribution, there's opportunities for everyone!


Our goal is to load school busses with 25,000 donated items and raise $25,000 through our Fill the eBus campaign!

The best part is that EVERYONE can help us reach this goal! Most of us already have children's and teen clothing that have been outgrown or no longer needed in our wardrobes today. Rummage through your closets and bag up the items you no longer use. Just think what that pair of jeans can do for a child and how that coat you no longer wear could help a child stay warm this winter. If you don't have young ones at home then a new pair of socks or bottle of shampoo will surely polish the sparkle on any child.

Together we think we can fill enough buses to help 25,000 students start this year of growth off right.